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Free live fetish cams on Nude Live feature some of the most exciting fetish sex found anywhere online.Browse the live sex cams below to find fetishes of all kinds such as bondage, fisting, feet, femdom, leather, mistress, slave, stockings, and much more. 0.4.7 New content: Be the dominatrix - If you choose to dump the GF you'll be directed to an online system which allows you to choose to become a slave with a new Master/Mistress, OR, if you have enough dominance (evil 15) and the MC is a female or Mt F trans, you can become a Mistress with a slave to train. Instead of being directed to an online master/mistress the stoy will continue with your mistress in some kind of sissy school during 4 weeks with A LOT of rewards. v0.4.5 Jobs promotion: - Promotions: 20/40/60/80 job skill (except for makeup, first promotion happens when Sissy status is reached). - Hairstylist: Requirements to promotion changed to easier features. Fixed: - Task with the rich guy at "The Closet" pays 100$ if done right. 0.4.6 New content: - Sissy school: Disable "Cuckold Content" to access it and don't dump her after she says you cheated. Pays less than hairstylist, but you can keep working this job too. - Designer: Each promotion will trigger the possibility to develop certain sexual skills until you become a Cam model.Overview: You will start with a male character living with his sister, during a special night you met an older woman which becomes your girlfriend. - Three different slaves to pick, each one with a different desire and a different ending, IF you're a good mistress. - Personal to Stripper: After becoming a pole dance instructor and developing your skills, you'll have an opportunity to work as a stripper. - Designer to Cam model: You helped develop a webcam platform, you met some of the models and now you're one of them. Pays less than Designer, but viewers can add an extra tip. Gifs: - New gifs to each job related to sex: Sex doll, Sex Maid, Stripper, Cam Model and Pornstar.You also have a friend (which you can choose the gender) who is the only person that you really trust. Your viewers may ask for different items and clothings. MC Avatar update: - Back view: You can go to the bathroom and check how your hips, butt, and nails are developing with the treatment. Bathroom UI: - UI updated with more info about the products you own. - Hair dye won't be removed after using it, but it costs more.As the story goes on, each of those characters will play a part in your transformation.​v0.4.8 UI, Balance and Images: - 88 new images add. - Kiss a guy: If you can't find the right one, just go for the hobo, but it has a cost. - Hair Stylist to Pornstar: You've been helping to fix hair and makeup, but now, a director wants you to work for him. Pays less than Personal, but working at the VIP may add a lot. Inventory UI: - Special items used to show in the main screen at your room, now you can check each one and what it does in "My Inventory".- Sissy school: the entire part of the story have images (62 images). From level 1 to 3, most of the tasks received balance and information about it. - Masturbate at the course: New options based on skills. You'll have an agent with a new opportunity from Monday to Friday. Porn UI: - Choose your favorite porn and watch it while jerking off or playing with your ass. - Handjob, Blowjob and Sissygasm increase with items.

Nude Live makes sure to only display webcams of the best live kink models online.- Buying a popsicle at the Park: It can be used to increase blowjob skill while watching porn or lower you horny level if you eat it from your inventory.- Buttplug added: When your sissygasm increases, you'll feel more aroused, sleeping with a buttplug won't let your horny level increase more than it should.- New option: Romance with the BF a new path to the main story.- New clothes and places for each date with different options and results for each one. - If you decide to dump the BF after dumping the GF you'll be directed to the Mistress/Master story. - Fixed Doctor conversation during sex and breast change.

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