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You do not have to add a photo, but profiles with photos will be featured higher in search results and generally receive more attention on the site.

The site’s owners have a firm policy against spammers and will boot unsavory characters off the site.

His commitment ceremony with Sean Sasser was the first same-sex ceremony aired on television. It took many brave individuals to challenge the stigma against HIV and bring its victims out of the shadows.

Around this time, one anonymous man launched in hopes of making life easier and more enjoyable for HIV-positive singles.

However, he received so many messages from gay men asking to make a site for same-sex relationships that he eventually opened to people of all sexual orientations.

The team looks after the interests of its users and has spent years building a global network of positive and nonjudgmental men and women.

He and his team prefer to remain anonymous, working quietly behind the scenes to improve the online dating world for the HIV community.

is a free dating site available to anyone over the age of 18.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic impacted many lives and began to play a role in pop culture as well.

An outspoken 22-year-old named Pedro Zamora shared his story as a gay man living with HIV on “The Real World.” He raised awareness about the illness, and he even fell in love. In the 1990s, HIV-positive individuals didn’t always feel they had a voice, much less a place in society.

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HIV-positive singles don’t have to hide their illness on, and that in itself is a pretty big deal.

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