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A trully powerful woman can shift easily from being successful, rational and still bringing her feminine touch in the business world to being soft and caring with her man at home.

We don’t need men to do anything for us, but it is nice to be spoiled and loved by our men, it frees us and makes us access more of who we are which brings authentic happiness.

The masculine is goal driven, and is attracted to the sensitivity and vulnerability of the feminine.

The feminine is free flowing, creative, nurturing and is attracted towards the strenght and protectiveness that the masculine energy has.

Mark says that a lot of men who hide their attraction to transgender women are "trying to protect themselves from this gay label and being judged by society," but tells them they're not gay, and that "finding transgender people attractive is the most natural thing in the world.

They are beautiful."Mark's current partner, a transgender woman named Lorraina, is also interviewed talking about how she'd told her mother at a young age that she wanted to be a girl and her family was the "holy grail" in terms of how supportive they were.

I often hear statements that no man would ever say to a ciswoman.

If a couple is neutral, has reversed roles or is the same there cannot be passion.

Men or women equally want love but most of us compromise for some sort of connection with a partner, because we were hurt and made a decision to prevent that from happening again in the future.

True strenght comes in being vulnerable and open to life though.

Men have either become incapable of expressing their feelings or gave up their masculinity and started acting in effeminate ways in order to please and get love.

As a society we are surrounded with misguiding love quotes and don’t know how to build intimacy anymore.

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