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We've had a park entrance in Wawarsing for a decade... Five years ago, I wrote an article for and the Ellenville Press suggesting things that the town and village could do to become the western gateway to the mountains. New Paltz is 5 miles or more from the Minnewaska gate, but it ACTS like a recreational gateway community, and GETS the commerce.You could drive to Minnewaska by way of Ellenville now, there's just no reason to. It's farther, but takes less extra time than the milage would suggest, and it's a nicer drive. If we had a park entrance in Ellenville, would Berme Road become the speedway to New Paltz? The purpose of such a bypass, whether it was Berme Road or a new road on the west side of the Rondout, was to alleviate traffic on Rt. Would the Berme Road Park entrance be a gatehouse like the Minnewaska Gatehouse, or a parking lot like the Awosting Road entrance?The OW right-of-way south of the village is another accessible valley-level trail.A valley-level trail from Kerhonkson to Spring Glen, completely open to the general public, would be a great asset for Wawarsing.The state has the resources to finally make it happen.Ellenville is the only village adjacent to Minnewaska State Park, and developing a park entrance in the village makes good sense for both the park and the village.I called it a prototype of a tourist's day in our area, which would begin and end with a meal in Ellenville. If people park by the mountain, will they find the Ellenville business district? a href" "viga proa The only high-ranking official of a major crime family to publicly walk away, Franzese is now a man of faith, a public speaker, and author of a number of Mafia-related books, including his biography, Blood Covenant.

According to Katherine Terwilliger's essay on "Port Benjamin" that same location just north of Port Ben was a picnicking and boating destination for a hundred or more people on summer days in the 1890's.An Ellenville park entrance could provide an uncrowded gateway for hikers, equestrians and possibly mountain bikers into the park.Park-bound traffic in the village would help boost the local economy, creating demand for food, lodging and tourist services.209 and Liberty Street into a kind of gateway to Minnewaska and Sam's Point.We even ran shuttle busses from there to Sam's Point on Blueberry Festival day to demonstrate how it would work.

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