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Jump to a Section: Heart Levels, Gift Giving, Events, Marriage, Rivals or Your Child In Harvest Moon: Back to Nature you have the opportunity to marry one of five different girls.You don’t have to marry but if you do you’ll get 1% added to your farm percentage for each heart level your wife has.The girls will also gain 200 affection at the beginning of every day if you either gave them a gift or spoke to them on the day before.If you have an animal die in this videogame then all the girls will lose 1,000 affection.introduced me to a quintet of smart and strong women that would go on to inspire me in my real life as I grew older.But I’ll always hold a torch for the one I married, the soft-spoken Elli.It’s a devastating plot line — in my game, Ellen ended up passing away, causing Elli to recede into herself and lose interest in dating, to my chagrin — and one that gives Ellie shades of gray that most of the other bachelorettes don’t have.It’s what I liked about her character; Elli was shy, introverted and self-conscious, much like me.

(Surrounded by pastries all day, Ellie unsurprisingly had some serious body image issues.) If I couldn’t play as the one character I most related to, then of course I had to at least get her to live on my farm with me.

Random guides seem to have one or two of the first events for each girl but that’s the best information you’re going to find.

I haven’t listed the events here because I didn’t want to include incomplete information.

You can repeatedly give gifts to a girl during the same day in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature.

The first gift you give her will have a bigger effect on her affection levels but any gift you give her after that will still have a big enough effect to still make it worth it.

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There are also several events with each girl that you can trigger in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature if you meet certain conditions.

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