Help my daughter is dating a sociopath

They are the people that unleash the demons in your soul, that you never thought would surface.They make you happy, make your heart race, give you a sense of safety and love, and then rip it all away in one moment.Let’s dabble into what a sociopath lives for: Control, is a main thing. They want to make you feel like they are the only one in the world who will ever put up with you, or love you, so that you can’t breathe when they’re not around.They want to hold your heart and lungs in both hands and squeeze them, just enough to make you believe they are your life line.

They want to scream at you, punch the steering wheel of their car and tell you how much they need you and that they aren’t crazy. They want to control who you spend your time with, because if they don’t have 100 percent of you, they don’t know how to function.Maybe this time, they’ll hurt you so bad, you’ll never be the same person again.Maybe they’ll take the light from your eyes and make it so dark, you’re not sure if you can go on. Sociopaths don’t come with a disclaimer, so you never know.I have the scars to prove it.“He looked like Jesus.” Mamamia staffers reveal the moments they knew their relationships were over.Post continues after video…It all begins when we’re young, doesn’t it?

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