Interracial dating white and indian

Your kids will be born incredibly smart: — Somewhere hidden away in the far corners of the office floors of giant firms like Google, Twitter, Verizon, Samsung, Dell, and Macintosh…are a bunch of Indians huddled around computers and they quietly do their work as Software Engineers, Computer Programmers, Network Administrators, Quality Assurance testers, and Systems Analysts.4.It’s very likely that racism toward Indians was programmed into your mind because your dad’s generation considered chest hairiness as sexy…until Indians arrived: — Our generation is concerned about waxing this…or waxing that…but back in the day, your white dad was buying chest hair growth products to attract the ladies….Plus, Indian movies are on average 2.5–3 hours long which means, more cuddling time.Also, you’ll probably have an Indian friend some day from your work so you’ll probably go to an Indian wedding at some point in your life and you will fall in love with the jewelry, the traditional female dress and the henna.

Kids that are born mixed of half Indian and half white genes will never need to get a tan: — Think about all the money you spend at the tanning salon trying to get your pasty white skin to get that perfect tan shade color.

Indian men are less to cheat on you and dumping you for an arranged marriage is a misconception: — Statistically, Indian men are less likely to cheat on you than White men because its a lot harder for Indian guys to get laid with white women, hence, they are less likely to cheat.8.

Indians are less likely to be in huge debt and more likely to have higher household income: — Which means your relationship won’t struggle too much with financial troubles.

Indians are more likely to save money, earn more, have higher household incomes, and have college degrees.9.

Indian men are less likely to be commitment phobic because India values marriage highly which is evident in Indian movies which are akin to American chick flicks and since women like chick flicks he’s more likely to cuddle with you while watching said movies and you’ll end up watching it with the captions on too.

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Now imagine all the money you’ll save when your kids won’t have to ask you for tanning money because they won’t need it.

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