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In the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium, the Dawg Pound struck fear in the hearts of opposing teams.Fueled by massive quantities of beer (they have been known to sneak kegs into the stadium), their antics are the stuff of spectator legend.but you have to admit, the bleacher creatures are one hell of a bunch of fans.The last thing you ever want to do is sit in the bleachers wearing an opponents paraphernalia.

The Mecca for the ravenous fans was the "700 Level" of the old Veterans Stadium.Not even the USA's nation anthem is safe, as it has been booed several times before the beginning of a game.Needless to say, visiting teams do not look forward to playing in Montreal.Upon entering the 700 level, one was greeted with the aroma of beer, pot, vomit and urine. there was a good chance you wouldn't make it out alive.The 700 level was notorious for getting opposing fans removed from the section just for their safety!

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