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‘We went out for brunch with some of her English friends and this one girl was regaling the whole table with a pretty graphic blowjob story.‘Nobody batted an eyelid that the waiter was serving us our coffees at the time.Also, we’re way more polite about drinking than the British.‘An Irish person always gets their round in,’ says Emma, 23, from Dublin.She’ll ply you with food, always has the electric blanket on for you after a night out, and generally creates such a cosseting environment you’ll never want to leave.It’s fairly standard for young Irish people to live at home right through university and even beyond.Ireland has a very vocal pro-choice lobby, and social media has been instrumental in galvanising support, but an ultra-conservative right, backed by the Church, makes it difficult for any real progress to be made.

There’s a huge emphasis on family and hospitality, and the affectionately parodied Irish Mammy is pretty much like the Italian Mama.

But it’s difficult to forget that Ireland has one of the strictest anti-abortion laws in Europe, and a largely conservative society where the Catholic church remains highly influential, which means the experience of twentysomething women in Ireland is always going to differ from young women in the UK.

I understand this constrast better than most – I’m from Northern Ireland, but I hold an Irish passport and consider London my adopted home.

‘It was a real culture shock when I first moved to the UK.

I’d buy everyone a drink and they’d be appreciative, but would rarely get me back.

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More disturbingly, one friend told me how she was shown an anti-abortion video at school that featured graphic scenes of dismembered babies discarded in bins. Sure, there’s an alcohol culture here in the UK, but nobody can drink like the Irish.

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