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I really did go though very intense therapy and all that good stuff. So yes, it did affect it negatively, not – it wasn’t a positive thing at all. Anyway Austin, yes, I don’t have any plans on moving anywhere just because – you know, I spent 10 or 11 years trying to build a career and I have some roots planted here. We got to hope for a little controversy, that’s the lifeblood of reality TV. I’ll try to give you some then, but I appreciate your time. I truly fell that way, I’m not just saying that because I think I’m told to say that, may be I should have give it a shot just to see what would have happened. Jennifer Matarese: Hey, so you just said you wanted to pretty much go back to your private life after this is all said and done, but if you do end up getting engaged and you do go ahead with marrying whoever you selected here, would you even consider having your wedding on ABC or on TV? Operator: You have a follow up from Al Mellis from TV Al Mellis: I’ll make sure to make a note of that and watch for it. So, I mean there was a national feeling of the fact that I couldn’t commit. Operator: Your next question comes from Al Mellis from TV ’ What have you got to offer the woman that you are probably going to propose to? I’m like – gosh, I’m about to sound cheesy, but I like to think that I have a lot of love to offer. So, you know I could care less about material things or anything like that, but I am very confident that I have quite a bit of love to give a woman and I’m ready to do that. Brad Womack: Well, I’m very happy here and I know love is all about compromise, I get that, I’m learning these things, but God. Anyhow Brad, we are going to enjoy watching your season. I really don’t know, but I kind of feel bad because I should have given a relationship a shot. Brad Womack: No, thank you very much for that question. Al Mellis: Somewhat during this season you probably had a high humor moment that you can still probably chuckle at. I mean I literally couldn’t even speak, I was laughing so hard. ’ Brad Womack: I think after the slap I was thinking,’ what did get myself into? Robyn Ross: Even Chris Harrison had said, you know, that you almost have to fall in love at the end of this, because you’re coming back. Operator: Your next question comes from Paulette Cohn from ET Online. One, of course I was so much more open to the process and then I just had a great time, though that sounds strange, because I had a good time last time. So I mean I’m glad you’re self respected, but I don’t think you should blame yourself entirely. Again, I said this before, I’m kind of – believe it or not kind of a shy person and that day is very sacred to me. I said earlier too, you know, never say ‘never.’ I don’t know. It’s definitely her decision if and when that happens. So I wanted to know if after the first rose ceremony you were thinking, ‘I’m so glad I came back, or, what did I get myself into? I really was so thankful that I was asked to be back and I was very, very happy. I just wanted to come in on the show and be my true self and let people in and it worked and so that was what was so different you know. David Martindale: Well, I hope this does better for you then. So yes, I consider Austin my home and yes, I would ask a woman if she’d be comfortable moving to Austin. Delaina Dixon: Yes, then if it had failed, it would have just been a waste of your time. Operator: You have a follow-up from Jennifer Matarese from WABC TV. Brad Womack: You know something, that’s a really good question. If and when I get married, that day is going to be all about my wife and so it’s up to her. I think I’m breaking out into cold sweat just thinking about it, but I don’t know. Brad Womack: Fair enough and thanks for the question by the way. He went to college at Texas State University-San Marcos for one year, before dropping out to work in oil fields all around the nation. They are determined and decisive, and will research until they find out the truth.

And I don’t think I did that last time, I was a little bit closed off. I was very upfront and honest and I think I calmed their fears about the fact that I was there for the right reasons. Operator: Your next question comes from Dan Rice from FYI Television. And so as you know, Austin, it’s a big city, but it can also feel quite small at times and I thought this is an incredible way to kind of break out of that mold and meet some women that I never would have met before in my normal day to day life. Dan Rice: Well I was reading about the intensive therapy and painful soul searching you went through after the first run. It’s one of those things that, yes, looking back I will admit this. Shari Von Holten: You said that you went through some intensive therapy. Andrea Reiher: The Bachelor tends to attract a lot of women who are pretty young, you know, early 20s, mid 20s. I’ve never thought about age until now, because I’m beginning to realize I’m an old guy. I think that age is just a number, but I’m more concerned about maturity level and things like that. Dan Rice: Hi Brad, I know you can’t comment too much on individual bachelorettes, but can you tell me if Madison wore her fangs all the time or are they permanently fixed. I mean my God, all that and my life became an open book. Yvonne Villarreal: And do you think once this is over and you do find love that you’ll be able to go back to Texas and just live in obscurity after a certain point? Austin is a really cool town and people don’t care. Hal Boedeker: I’m wondering if you – I’m very late on this call. Brad Womack: Well you know, I know there were some concerns among the women that I was the Bachelor again and so – and I will tell you this, the slap, unfortunately, was very real. I mean I have no idea, but there were murmurs of drama going on back at the house that I just wasn’t aware of at that time. So I know you asked what my initial concerns, I guess I was afraid of the unknown and how public my life was going to become and then I found out really quickly of course that. Brad Womack: Well, as soon as it was announced the first time that I was going to be the Bachelor, I mean just you know, you can go online and read pretty much anything about my past and that’s when I stopped doing anything. The reach that you know reality TV has and I don’t think I was aware of that until I got into it for the first time. I mean what would you say; does it set up what’s coming on the show? So but it was a very, very really slap, no double about it. They made it very well known that they wanted to have their individual time. Jessica Wedemeyer: So will we see a lot of drama then between the girls and do you feel like they got along better or worse than the girls did in the first round? I was told there was drama happening back at the house when I wasn’t around. I’ll watch it exactly when you watch it, you know what I mean. Brad Womack: Well one, and again I’m so happy to be able to say this, but one, I can promise you there is a very happy ending. And you mentioned, you know, you went through therapy and that you’re more open to the process now, but did you do anything different? Brad Womack: OK, to be perfectly honest, yes and rightfully so, you know. As a former resident of Austin myself, when I read about your background for your first run on The Bachelor, I was thinking off the bat, why with all the beautiful and exciting girls in Austin, and you being a bar owner no less, did you ever feel the need to go mate hunting on TV. So hopefully, I can be the guy that calms her fears or any concerns that she has. And it wasn’t you know, adrenalin feel or anything like that. I never felt like I have to do anything and again, truthfully I can say, if I didn’t find love, I would have walked away again. So for viewers who are sad or disappointed with the last outcome, what would you say to them to get them to watch this? I didn’t know how I was going to be received and so it was a very overwhelming and yes, it was just a very overwhelming evening. Were a lot of them apprehensive about you at first, and if so, how did you gain their trust? Are you and your special lady friend ready to weather that kind of public storm? I can honestly say, I don’t read any of it, I really, really don’t. Operator: Your next question comes from Ann Oldenburg from USA Today. Brad Womack: I don’t think I can get into that kind of thing. Your next question comes from Hal Boedeker from Orlando Sentinel. I had a very quick question about a woman from my area. He had to after what happened the first time.’ Brad Womack: Well I’ll tell you – you know I don’t know what else to say, and again, I don’t want to sound any way, but I didn’t feel like I had to do anything.

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But aside from that, you know my brothers were so supportive, because they know that I was looking for somebody, I was truly looking for somebody, so they were very supportive. People knew everything about me and some girls were just plain uninterested in getting involved in that. I know it was exciting for me and I’d like to think for the women as well. When you take a look at the hooking up game and getting married, you know it’s pretty traditional that the guy says, ‘what have I got to offer this woman? I want to be, if and when the time comes an incredible father and so that’s all I’ve ever wanted, a really wholesome family life. Al Mellis: Just finishing up with that line, I’m now suspecting that any woman that you propose to has to move to Austin. And just so that you know, we can’t tell you anything more other than – Brad can’t tell you anything more than he’s very much in love and very happy, but other than that we can’t go any further than that. Yes, maybe they were the wrong girls, I don’t know. Al Mellis: Yes, something that just makes you chuckle. It had something to do with Madison who we were just talking about, but now I have to tell you, it was to a point I couldn’t even interview at the moment because I was laughing so hard and I know for a fact that Cathy won’t let me get too specific, but rest assured it is hilarious. Jessica Wedemeyer: Hi, I was thinking about it a lot already, but I was just wondering if you could you go on a little bit more without being too specific about the woman you did like and what kind of person she is like without. Cathy Rehl: I think he can talk about what he looks for in a woman.

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