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"If nothing else, just showing that these shows are popular on TV.When you're dealing with a genre which is very dependent of special effects – special effects are very expensive.What the study didn't look at though was what percent of left-wing activists never leave adolescence.Chances are, that answer would have been on the high end.

Case in point -- MSNBC's Rachel Maddow breathlessly reporting this past Wednesday on the now-Democrat led House Intelligence Committee sending transcripts of witness testimony to special counsel Robert Mueller's office in the obvious hope that an ever-expanding fishing expedition to nail Trump might be the Democrats only hope for removing him from office before 2025.This could qualify as one of those rare occasions you'll hear a member of the Trump-hating media saying something about Trump voters that just might be interpreted as praise. Pamela Paul, editor of the Did you hear about the new study out of Berlin which found that 92 percent of left-wing activists still live with their parents?This will come as no surprise to nearly every conservative learning about it.In the inevitable Hitler-in-the-bunker video parody created after Special Counsel Robert Mueller's surreal testimony before Congress yesterday, one of the characters consoles a weeping comrade by saying, "Just wait for Rachel Maddow.She'll know what to do." Exactly the advice you'd expect from a committed socialist.

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