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Timber screening to the street and upper level bedroom affords privacy to the interior while maintaining light and ventilation.Internally the timber language is celebrated with clear finished plywood linings.Each timber roof truss was assembled off site, broken down into manageable sections for transportation, reassembled on the auditorium floor and hoisted 15 metres into place in one piece.

View project The site is comprised of 3 lots with two encumbered by heritage structures dating from 1914.View project The Granville Residence takes a multifaceted approach to provide a holistic sustainability solution.The project utilises a number of standard environmental sustainability strategies such as energy efficiency, rainwater harvesting, solar power and natural daylighting.The practice is in a unique position to deliver quality and cost-effective results that provide clients with unique, resilient, sustainable and well-crafted interiors.The Hopkins Clark interior design provides warm and tranquil spaces for two surgeons within the Holy Spirit Northside Hospital.

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