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Goldman also did not disclose that the firm had built a large net short position betting that CDO and RMBS securities similar to the ones it was selling would lose value.In the case of the Hudson, Anderson, and Timberwolf CDOs, Goldman failed to disclose to potential investors that it was shorting the very securities Goldman was selling to them.Goldman's 20 securitization activities are the focus of this section.In 20, Goldman originated 27 CDOs and 93 RMBS securitizations with a total value of about 0 billion.Many of the CDO and RMBS securities that Goldman sold to its clients incurred substantial losses.The widespread losses caused by CDO and RMBS securities originated by investment banks are a key cause of the financial crisis that affected the global financial system in 20.Goldman also typically worked with one or more credit rating agencies to obtain favorable credit ratings for the proposed securities.

In some CDOs, Goldman or its affiliate provided additional services as well, acting in such roles as the collateral securities selection agent, the collateral put provider, or the liquidation agent charged with selling impaired assets.

This section of the Report examines how Goldman originated, marketed, and sold its mortgage related securities, in particular CDO securities, during late 2006 and in 2007, as the mortgage market deteriorated and as Goldman was profiting from its own net short positions.

The section begins with general information about Goldman's securitization activities, followed by detailed case studies of four Goldman-originated CDOs: Hudson 1, Anderson, Timberwolf I, and Abacus 2007-AC1.

For each securitization, Goldman typically housed all of the assets to be securitized in a "warehouse" account until the transaction was ready to go to market.

The assets in the warehouse accounts were then included in Goldman's balance sheet.

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RMBS securitizations were handled by the Residential Whole Loan Trading Desk, headed by Kevin Gasvoda. Sparks made notes after a telephone call: "Things we need to do ....

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