Lonely housewives dating club the essential dating and dumping guide

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I am a 45 year old married and cheating chubby housewife who has been cheating on my husband for almost our entire marriage, especially since my husband is not interested in sex anymore, and I am hornier than ever and just love having sex with younger men.Then he pulled my legs up over his shoulders and shoved his cock deep inside of me.It felt like a metal rod being rammed into me and it was beautiful!He licked and sucked and surprisingly, it didn't take me long to cum in his warm hungry mouth.He moved me onto my side and kept licking my thighs and around my cunt, avoiding my clit.

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His tongue was all over the inside of my mouth and I could taste my pussy all over his lips and tongue. Our faces were just sliding over each others and our bodies were pressed against each other and his hard eighteen year old cock was almost painful as he pressed into my dripping pussy.

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