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After getting to know each other as acquaintances, he became the rebound relationship after the divorce from whom I learned, literally, how to get back out on my bicycle.

A good chunk of the time we spent was riding along the D&R Canal towpath.

We had a great 15-month run, and I managed to burn off quite a few calories in the process.

I had met the second person through OKCupid, and we had great banter before we even met. I’ve found that since I’ve hit my 40s, my attempts at actually meeting people through online dating is challenging.

My date had gotten there ahead of me, and came over to introduce himself and offer to pay for my coffee. As we settled at a table near the front of the storefront, the odiferous mystery was solved when he told me that he had gotten stuck behind a garbage truck most of the way from Pennsylvania.

When you’re in love with someone, you think that it will be your superpower. He was doing freelance jobs as a computer programmer and still lived at home, composing ethereal piano music on the side.

At the time I met my now ex-husband, I had put myself through college in Long Island, by first attending a community college, working two to three jobs simultaneously, and then transferring to Long Island University/C. Because I fancied myself a singer, performing with the New York Grand Opera alongside my day job, it seemed like we were a great match. Forced out of the sublet, I moved to a studio in Brooklyn Heights and accepted a position at Mercury Records, still trying to figure out what I really wanted to do. We got engaged and so it began: the suburban exodus. We got married when I was 27; our daughter became a spectacular reality when I was 32; and our divorce was finalized when I was nearing 37.

Should Democratic hopeful Cory Booker win the party's presidential nomination, and go on to win the general election, he would be America's first bachelor president in more than a century.

In fact, the United States has only ever had two unmarried men serve as Commander-in-Chief.

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The first was James Buchanan, who served as president from 1857 to 1861, and the second was Grover Cleveland.

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