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If you actually look around and look at the female profiles on the site a large majority of them are very young attractive looking women who are exposing their breasts.Logic would tell you that attractive looking girls like this have no reason to be on a site like this exposing themselves to meet men. This site we know for a fact is fabricating fake female profiles.You actually end up getting charged to three different websites.These web sites include Megahookup-Gold which would have charged us .95 a month.They stated that a valid credit card was required strictly for age verification to activate a free account on the site.Upon viewing the web page closer we realized that the credit card would actually be charged even though they said it would not be.When we did try to communicate back to these women a message appeared stating "to communicate with other members you have to upgrade your membership, click here." When we did click on the link it sent us to the upgrade page where we were asked to pull out a credit card.And it went through the exact same BS as described in paragraph 1 where we described how they asked us to give them our credit card info for "age verification purposes", which is all lies.

Mega actually discusses the use of fake profiles in their terms and conditions.

On top of that you also get charged to Vibe at .61 a month until you cancel and lastly you also get charged to another adult site called Video that will charge you .87 per month. Once you get into the actual members area of Mega it's very hard not to notice all the instant messages and video chat messages that you will receive.

We noticed about 10 to 15 chat requests and 3 video messages from various local women who were interested in communicating with us.

We are only humans after all, so it’s okay to think about how you can satisfy your needs.

And platforms for hooking up help you realize your wishes.

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Members of the Megahookup don’t look for long-time dating and serious relationships.

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