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Lydia admits her own family were less than thrilled at her choice of boyfriend."My parents met Jason at my 40th birthday party and couldn't hide their disapproval," recalls privately-educated Lydia.

"I don't know how I'd feel if my son one day arrived home with a woman 18 years older.

Scroll down for more In fact, he was just one of a string of toyboys she's dated in the past decade.

And Lydia, a twice-divorced company director from Leeds, isn't unique in her penchant for men almost half her age.

It was three weeks before I found out he was 11 years younger but, while I was shocked, Jason didn't care that I was nearer his mother's age than his." But that wasn't the only problem this odd couple had to overcome.

Trying to consummate their relationship proved difficult - for while Lydia's house lacked privacy because her children were always there, Jason slept in a single bed at his parents' home.

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