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She often holds down the fort for the two of them back at the store.Wolfe's online store is called Antique Archaeology and you can check it out by clicking here.There are still a few open slots for vendors to participate in this new venture.The event will take place on October 25 and 26 in Davenport, Iowa.He liked what he saw, citing the train's "high, high, high quality" and pointing out just now rare it is — Lionel only made one brown train for every 1,000 green ones produced.Speck explained that only 12 are known to exist, and that in mint condition it could fetch ,000. However, Speck offered to send the Lionel to a train auction, where he figured it could go for somewhere between ,000 and ,000.

He also said the show tried to "hardcore rip [them] off" with insultingly low offers on their valuables.' seventh season in 2012, the duo traveled to the Kentucky home of Cecil Hopper, a collector who'd saved (and cared for) every toy from his childhood (1939 to 1949) and then some.This was heaven for Fritz, an old toy aficionado, who got very excited when he discovered Hopper's beautiful, well-maintained Lionel toy train set dating to 1931.That all makes for a very calculated and consistent happy ending for Viewers see the deal being made, but they don't see Fritz or Wolfe selling the item later — a voiceover or chyron delivers an estimate of what the item will sell for at auction or just a vague note that it's been "sold." This gives the impression that Fritz and Wolfe make some kind of profit on most every single item.But once in a blue moon, they'll mess things up and take a financial hit.

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