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In it, three "dating experts": Emily Morse, a sex expert with a radio show in San Francisco; Amy Laurent, a New York City matchmaker; and Julia Allison, who's described on the show as a dating columnist and now lives in L.A., take on what the producers clearly want us to understand as their greatest challenge: Their own dating lives.But it makes me wonder: Can a dating show treat women fairly without belittling them or resorting to stereotypes?

They were also launching pads for people who wanted to become celebrities, like Farrah Fawcett and Tom Selleck, who both appeared as contestants on and so on.But big brother (not sure he's older, he just acts like it) is apparently the expert because he's the one in a long-term relationship.We see Amy, the matchmaker, fail at her own rules, going on a date with a guy that she's obviously still in some sort of love with and making excuses for him, even though he was the ass who moved to Saudi Arabia without telling her and therefore ended it. And with the Julia Allison plot, we get another girl expressing fears that she's "too old" at the same time she offers up her 73-point list of demands ("reads At the same time, let's point out that dating shows are still a way for people to promote themselves and become more famous, which is exactly what, I imagine, all three of these women are hoping to do—even if Julia tells the camera that some days she'd "like to press a delete button on everything I've written on the Internet." But if that's the case, why be on a reality show, about dating no less, at all? Even as much as they're willing to look that way to sell another book or column or get a bit more time onscreen.After a healthy dating life, Julia wants a husband now, but after seeing what she does with the poor Craigslist schmo, any guy watching the show would be well advised to look for a relationship without this kind of heavy lifting.Amy wants to settle down and match herself, for a change, to the man of her dreams.

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