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Words: Reade Tilley Photography: Della Bass “I thought it wasn’t going to happen, so I’d given up hope.And then, I think we were about a week out, I got the call that Mr.Sports did, however, and especially golf—kind of: “I didn’t like to practice.My two best sports growing up were golf and basketball, though I played other sports [including football; she was the only girl on the team].A lot of people are taken aback maybe by something like that, but I’m thrilled. I was quickly and easily distracted from golf, so much so that my college golf coach held up my scholarship papers in one hand and my report card in the other and said, ‘You gotta choose here.He was teaching me a lesson: If I wanted it more, then I needed to kick it in more.” And off to Duke she went, where says she found life to be incredibly liberating, if a little distracting. You’re not making good choices.’” The conversation struck a nerve and Tilghman turned it around, buckled down and says she started making “dean’s list grades” from her sophomore year on.“I watched [the course] come up from the ground up, from dirt to fairways.It was so impressionable for me as a kid.” Kelly’s dad used to drive her over the grounds of what would eventually be Gator Hole Golf Course, which her family built and owned for many years.

“The suspension in the Cherokee Chief was terrible, but I was getting a big kick out of the bumps,” she remembers.From 1988-1991 as a Blue Devil, she earned one victory, three top-20 finishes and a tie for 33rd place in the 1991 NCAAs, taking Duke to 13th place overall with the best score on her team.That particular tournament also saw her paired with a young phenom from the University of Arizona named Annika Sorenstam, who’s now a friend.The same year, she graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science and History and set off to find herself.Perhaps surprisingly, she didn’t go looking on a golf course.

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