Not mind accommodating latecomers

CIOarena unites regional IT professionals for a day of unparalleled networking opportunities. Covered topics very diverse and interesting; liked the fact that not all were focused on 'selling' but rather demonstrating technology and discussing innovation.Top leaders across every industry agree, that generating and strengthening relationships in your community is a major key to success. Thank you for the invitation.”"I want to thank you for the CIOarena meeting. I finally got to meet people outside of medicine, listen to what other people do and make some connections with people from Microsoft and other companies.I did meet with quite a few local companies, and it was noticeable that many knew each other, a testament to the type of audience you've captured.Again, I thank you for this opportunity, and I look forward to next meeting! Future Mars news: 2 shows in August, but they're sharing the billing with another band so I have a feeling the crowd won't be the same. And now, the next several posts over the summer will be related to a virtual camp I'm participating in, about school involvement in the community.Few people are truly aware of the constant requests, complaints, and criticisms pastors and other church leaders receive.

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I left off many great comments to keep this post manageable.

I’ve only made minor wording changes to some of these.

Everything is good except that if you could put a choice of seat for customers who are booking online. Good thing that they provided allowance on the ETA displayed on the ticket.

They picked up additional people (I don’t think on official stop points) - these passengers sat in the isle on plastic chairs. This also made it very cramped and very difficult for people at the back of the bus to get off at stops. We were several people that couldn't fold back their seat because of the one behind hitting his knees. Neither of these existed, however the bus got me safely to where I needed to be and on time. A good service that could be made excellent with more effort and attention to details Too many stops to pick up and drop passengers I lost count on how many Driver was very careful in driving ( am so happy about this) since its foggy But he makes so many stops to make small talks with other drivers or people on the road There is arm rest in the BUS but I suggest to have individual seat belt for added security Toilet is clean and good smell The bus left on time from Manila, and we arrived earlier than expected even if there is a slight traffic.

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Our half-day events are designed with the busy professional in mind.

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