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For example, when synthesizing cinnemaldehyde, the other compounds found in the natural cinnamon oil are not created.Biobased content testing (Carbon-14 analysis) determines whether the essential oil is natural or synthetic.Given their wide range of applications and the increasing trend to favor “natural” products, there is great demand for essential oils in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and drinks industries.Essential oils are expensive to produce, and with their increasing popularity has come the more readily available synthetic versions often denoted as fragrance oil.

To distinguish between different natural sources, stable isotope testing or other chemical analyses are required.

By bringing two types of data together, physicists have established the first estimate of the mass of the lightest of the elementary particles called neutrinos.

Lightest neutrino is at least 6 million times lighter than an electron.

Biobased content testing can verify whether cinnamon oil is made from its natural source or if it has been adulterated with synthetic cinnamaldehyde. Synthetic Linalool Linalool is a key constituent of coriander oil​, which in its natural form is​ extracted from​ seeds of the​ ​ plant.

Linalool is also a component of bergamot, lavender, mentha citrata and rosewood oils.

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The synthetic versions do not have exactly the same components as the naturally sourced oils.

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