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This unit yields relatively small volumes of water to stock and domestic wells.The intermediate basin fill, which is composed of coarse-grained sands, silts and clays, is a dependable aquifer only along the valley margins where the unit intersects the water table.There is outflow from the river and lakes into the surrounding aquifers.Maximum storage in Lake Mohave is about 1.8 maf (including dead storage) and average storage from 1996 to 2005 was 1.65 maf.Groundwater Hydrology West Basins The West basins include the Detrital Valley, Hualapai Valley, and Meadview basins, most of the Sacramento Valley Basin and part of the Bill Williams Basin (see Figure 4.0-2).Groundwater inflow and outflow are small and there is almost no stream baseflow.Maximum storage in Lake Havasu is 651,000 acre-feet (including dead storage) and average storage from 1996-2005 was about 572,000 acre-feet.

Groundwater recharge comes primarily from streambed infiltration and is estimated at 2,000 to 3,000 AFA (Table 4.4-4).

A very small portion of Detrital Valley Basin also lies within the north watershed.

Sacramento Wash, an ephemeral wash in the Sacramento Valley Basin, is the only major contributing tributary to the Colorado River in the north watershed.

Streamflow is largely subject to releases from upstream dams.

A gage at Topock reports median annual flow of 8.9 maf, a gage below Davis Dam reports median annual flow of 8.5 maf, and median annual flows below Hoover Dam are 9.2 maf.

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