Opensolaris ips selective updating

The OIN folks are some of the most pragmatic and sensible people I’ve talked to about the effect (negative) software patents have on us all.

[...] While looking for the SIFT patent, I did find US patent numbers 7,639,897 and 7,711,262 which both cover guiding a user of a digital camera in making a panorama photo.

In terms of who files briefs and their agenda, the results are somewhat surprising.

These and other results have implications for those seeking to understand the patent system and those seeking to influence it.System and method for creating and presenting modal dialog boxes in server-side component Web applications, patent No.7,721,225, invented by Daniel Montroy of Sandy, Micah Gorrell of Spanish Fork, and Matthew Sorensen of Lehi, assigned to Novell, Inc. • New i Phone Patents Extend Apple’s Control Over Apps, Potentially Squeezing Out Many Developers [Apple uses patents against GNU/Linux] • Apple Looking Into Location-Temporary Apps • German court ruling, upholding Siemens patent, as text [see yesterday's analysis about Siemens] • German Supreme Court on Patents on Computer-Implemented Inventions Today the German Supreme Court (Bundesgerichtshof, BGH) has published the full reasons of the decision in re Xa ZB 20/08 dated April 22, 2010.He is one of nearly 200,000 Indian farmers, many of them cotton growers, to commit suicide since 1997.In fact, suicide among farmers in India has become so prevalent that officials in New Delhi keep a tally.

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Professor Colleen Chien (Santa Clara) has written an interesting new article on the importance of amicus briefs in patent cases.

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