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Employees must collaborate with other doctors, conduct research, share patient records, and manage billings.

Paul was in need of a Web Security Gateway solution that could provide a safe and secure internet experience while maintaining the control to apply granular user-based policies.

With these specific pain points in mind, Paul began to research various web security solutions that could provide a granular level of security without sacrificing ease of use.

Paul soon discovered the Barracuda Web Security Gateway was the perfect solution to all the challenges he was facing on his network.

Barracuda’s customer-centric business model focuses on delivering high-value, subscription-based IT solutions that provide end-to-end network and data security. The Barracuda Web Security Gateway is a web content filtering solution that enables the connected business to benefit from new technologies and online tools, without being exposed to lost productivity, wasted bandwidth, and data loss.

As new requirements emerge, such as social networking control, the Barracuda Web Security Gateway is automatically updated with new capabilities to meet those requirements.

The Barracuda Web Security Gateway’s remote filtering agents enabled the IT departments to enforce content security policies on devices outside the network boundary.Paul has also found the Barracuda Web Security Gateway’s remote filtering agents to be highly useful in enforcing policies on corporate devices off the network.“We use the remote filtering agents on our company laptops.“Being able to allow certain users’ access to Facebook helps us maintain a constructive workflow,” Paul said.The Barracuda Web Security Gateway can apply filtering to both HTTP and HTTPS domains and categories specific to users, IP ranges, LDAP groups, and more.

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