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EDIT: I'd like to suggest you that in upcoming festive occasions (like Christmas and SFGame birthday) where we have all events up, you would also add the black friday event into it (only black gems).So ok, the new guild mechanic will deal with the cheaters, but besides this, it will be muuuuuuch more cost to upgrade the guild bonuses to the max.Divide the group skill by 5 to get the percental bonus of the instructor or treasure.If a player leaves the guild his/her personal points are gone.If we get new pets (and not shadow ones), it will be a great update and I want to congratulate Playa Games for it!Also I'm really curious how the new pets mechanics will work Overall 2018 has been a good year, two new dungeons (there's no more room for another dungeons, so I would like to believe that the next dungeons-related update will focus on a new 'world), the new remastered version...Now, it costs 1660 mushrooms to upgrade each bonus to maximum.In the future it will be 5000 shrooms, because you have to click on it 500 times -- 500x10=5000.

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hope to see more big updates (like guild pets) in 2019 About the new guild mechanics, I didn't quite understand how that works - will the max upgrades still be 200%?

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