Ps3 nba 2k8 not updating

The Road to 99The overarching meta-game that rewards users for improving their My PLAYER’s overall rating, regardless of which modes they choose to play.

Super Max Construct a salary-capped team and compete against other users of similar ability in a new season mode.Earn My TEAM points and prizes as you work your way through 900 unique challenges based on the 2017-18 NBA schedule.New Motion System The new motion system brings player control to a new level of realism.Laser Scanned Uniforms & Accessories Laser scanned uniforms from all 30 NBA teams accurately depict each design down to the smallest stitch.Using True Color Technology, team colors have never been more pure & authentic, and whites have never popped so brightly.

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Or, skip the regular season and jump right into to the Playoffs.

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