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Speaking of your self-confidence…There are not many guys on this planet who have the courage to tell a woman what they really think.By being one of those guys you not only show that you don’t care if other people judge you for your way of thinking (including her), but you also show that you have the balls to do something that the majority of men is afraid of doing.Before I tell you why I personally think that you should learn how to approach women in the direct way, I want to shortly describe the difference between the direct and indirect approach.In the following lines I want to show you why I think that the direct approach wins against the indirect approach, without claiming that my way is the only possible way.I want you to fulfill your full potential and to become a man who effortlessly attracts incredibly beautiful girls.The first step towards becoming such a man is to learn how to approach women. This war is not only totally unnecessary, but it is also a war that can’t be won.One reason for this is the fact that the direct approach is honest.By walking up to a girl and telling her exactly what’s on your mind, you show that you are an You are lying in her face.

Therefore, they have absolutely no idea how you could possibly do it. Now I want you to learn what I had to learn the hard way.

They know that they can’t do it and the last thing they want is that you can do something that they are not capable of doing.

Telling you that approaching women is wrong is nothing but a desperate attempt to prevent you from reaching your goals.

You might be able to lie to her but you won’t be able to lie to yourself.

If you try it anyway, your self-perception and your self-confidence will suffer along the way.

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Screaming “in environments in which you are surrounded by a lot of people might not be the best idea.

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  1. In a study presented at the American Sociological Association's annual meeting in August, Michael Rosenfeld of Stanford University and Reuben Thomas of the City College of New York reviewed data from a survey of more than 3,000 Americans with romantic partners.