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A magnified number for critical hit flashed across her screen before it turned grey. An Si Dong, by nature, seemed to find summer disagreeable. It was probably because her name had a “Dong*” word. …” Xiao Zhou was Zhou Yuan Hang, An Si Dong’s first boyfriend in university. That had been her first time dating, and she could not keep it to herself, hence the both of them happily confessed their relationship to her mother.[QQWWEE’s Heartbreaker skill gave QWE 2006 physical damage (critical strike) (160 over-damage)] “You have died, would you like to release spirit to spawn at the nearest graveyard? It wouldn’t be too big of a deal if it was just her being down with cough and flu every summer, but, ever since university started, every time it was summer, her romantic relationship would end. She daren’t even tell her mother, two other guys had dumped her after Zhou Yuan Hang.

After staying still for a long while, the female Priest on the screen looked up at the sky vacantly, before sighing, her shoulders drooping.

” Her dorm-mate, Wang Jie, on one side turned around to ask.

“No, I just don’t want to go home.” She wailed as though as at a funeral, “I’m broken up with again.” Wang Jie froze for a moment, and sighed: “Seems like you have no fate with pale-skinned, mono-lidded, thin-lipped and slim guys in this lifetime, cheer up.” “What? ” The Mao Yin opposite her jumped up, a hand on her hips, the other poking An Si Dong’s head vigorously, jabbing her around till she rolled about like a roly-poly. Once on shore, one prays no more, even a pig that’s been bitten three times by dogs know how to run, only you wouldn’t know!

Her Priest was already level 60 anyway, and had a familiar ID, so why not create a new account. They were only up to the height of a human’s thighs, had exaggeratedly large ears, and a tuft of pointy hair with length almost equivalent to half its height. However, it still did look a little different from her memory, the Death Knight had glowing blue eyes in place of its original slickly bizarre eyes. Northrend is the north of Azeroth, also commonly referred to as the north pole.

When she was entering the name, she hesitated before keying in three alphabets: QWE. It is situated in the most northern part of the map, in between the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor continent.

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That action was an exact portrayal of her feelings.

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