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I hit my elbow off my dresser this morning and now it's bruised. I'm ready to go right down stairs and get myself some more strawberries from the refrigerator. You: I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't have any friends. Stranger: For the past ten minutes or so, yes I have You: That's becaue I'm waiting for dinner to be ready, and I have nothing better to do.

Stranger: don't you want some of daddy's cock, sugar? Stranger: Come on now, bitch, touch yourself for me. Stranger: Alright, alright, that's hot, that's good... Stranger: keep going You: I ate some pizza last night, and I burnt my mouth. Stranger: Well that's too bad, I guess you wont get to savor the sweet taste of my jizzum You: Now, guess what. Stranger: Come on, don't be a tease You: I'm not a tease. Stranger: I'm ready to go baby I know not what you speak of You: I'm ready to go too.

i lived a long life Stranger: you didn't answer my original question though.. Stranger: Do you wanna get fucked when it's all messy and bloody? You: and if its mine for not Stranger: assuming you're on your period, let's say Stranger: is that ok? i think i freakedhim out =\ haha, I love this thing: You: I am cornholio, more TP for my bunghole! You: Hahaha You: It's from Beavis and Butthead You: It's a TV show Stranger: never seen it, but i think it's hilarious that you said that as an intro You: Hehe, just special I guess. Stranger: i'm on top of the world, what about you You: Hm... Stranger: oh haha well that makes sense Stranger: same here You: Here's the show I was talking about:

You: i hit people if they touch me rough You: i prefer cutting a wound Your conversational partner has disconnected. Stranger: oh dayum, you caught me You: I could've sworn I annihilated you last time we encountered eachother. haha You: I threw you inside that rocket loaded with popcorn kernels bound for the sun, remember?

online i can just log off if i don't like you You: lol Stranger: and* You: thats true Stranger: and online i cant catch anything You: also very true You: apart from a virus Stranger: and i can't actually be abused(despite the fact that i am looking for pretend abuse) You: what do you look like then?

Stranger: I can fuck the pain away You: Hm, thanks for the offer, but no thanks.

Stranger: I start licking your left nipple Stranger: in a counter clockwise rotation You: I punch you in the face, breaking your nose.

Stranger: because I have my dick in my hand and I'm trying to beat off to a webcam, and carry a conversation at the same time Stranger: full disclosure, you know You: look at you. Stranger: but she's riding it pretty hard Stranger: you like blood? You: hell yea Stranger: no, the bottle is whole Stranger: you have your red wings? Stranger: look it up, i'll wait right here You: okay Stranger: make sure to specify 'slang' when you look You: yea because a hockey team doesnt seem to be what you mean Stranger: haha Stranger: no You: oh that. You: most guys arent into it Stranger: oh hold on Stranger: you're a chick... Stranger: that you liked the idea of fucking a girl with a broken bottle Stranger: in that case, it's impossible for you to have your red wings Stranger: you wanna get fucked when it's all messy and bloody? Pulled my shirt over my head and walked around the store like that since it was a dead night.

Stranger: ahahaha WTF You: Yeah, we're gonna score Butthead. I'd say the same You: Cute guys without their shirts on are working on my parent's driveway, hehe. v=N7MMTw Il Wl U Stranger: k thanks haha You: Haha You: One time I did that at work.

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