Reading body language in dating tilt head

D., a professor at Oakland University in Michigan, and author of .

She observes couples in her practice all the time, and understands what subtle movements, positions, and expressions can signal about a relationship.

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You’re reaching out to that person and symbolically helping them up or into a room in a positive way.” Whether you’re sitting or walking and your partner places their arm over or around your shoulders, it’s a loving gesture, says Orbuch.

“They’re trying to be more physically close to you by drawing you into them.” The desire for less of a physical gap between you and them says your partner feels closer to you emotionally.

“I can always tell when two people are interested in each other at a restaurant or café—when there is a table between them, but they’re leaning in to talk to each other,” says Orbuch.

That’s why it may be worth clueing in to how you and your partner interact nonverbally—it can shed light on emotions and thoughts you might not have been fully aware of.

Because body language can be tricky to read, we talked to couples therapist Terri Orbuch, Ph.

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