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D predeceased A, leaving 44.069 percent of L's stock to a trust over which A had a testamentary general power of appointment. Held: For Federal estate tax valuation purposes, the stock subject to A's general power of appointment must be aggregated with stock A owned outright. By notice dated March 15, 2000, respondent determined an 0,720 Federal estate tax deficiency.

Hayes had an engaging, commanding style that told you instantly who was in charge, but his horn was never gruff or tedious.A special thanks to Stan Jones for this information.A and D, husband and wife, owned all of L's stock as community property.By the way, Fontana was founded in 1954 as a subsidiary of Dutch Philips Records.In Britain, Fontana licensed music by major American labels at different points in time and even had a major hit single in 1966— comes in two forms.

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