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ran for three seasons from 2007 to 2009, and contestants battled in weekly challenges to win the rocker's heart.

But what happens after you walk out the door once Bret decides not to ask you to stay and "continue to rock my world"?

"You know, most people just don't want to hear what's going on because they are all asleep, and I'm wide awake." Her one lingering regret from the show "I would say I regret trusting too many bitches, because, you know, I'm very honest and direct, and sometimes I keep forgetting bitches just go behind your back." Memorable for: Having her shit together.

Jessica was constantly painted as the "good girl" who couldn't handle Bret's lifestyle, and that was probably for the best.

"Yeah, Bret was like, 'Maybe you can't hang,' but honestly, I don't think I was ever really meant to hang for that lifestyle," she laughs.

"I have a little bit of a different vibe, I guess." and then stayed on with VH1 interviewing other reality show contestants behind the scenes.

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