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Rostov FC will play their home games at the new 45,000 seater stadium built for Russia 2018 once the tournament finishes.Unusual theatre buildings are Rostov’s calling card.Left Bank The bulk of the city is currently situated on the Don’s right bank, with the left bank being considerably less developed.Until recently, the left bank has been a recreation area with beaches, cafes, restaurants, BBQ joints, nightclubs and other entertainment infrastructure, as well as industrial sites.

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Tanais Archaeological Museum Preserve Rostov is a relatively young city, yet to mark its 300 century B. Tanais was the northernmost outpost of Greek civilisation, specifically the Bosporan Kingdom, which survived the Goth and Hun invasions, eventually falling in the 6th century under the onslaught of the Turkic Khanate.

Today, the ancient site of Tanais, the ancient Greek name for the Don river, is an archaeological preserve of international importance.

This is no accident: Rostov-on-Don is home to Rostselmash, the largest agricultural vehicle plant in the country.

The theatre, built in 1935, is an important piece of constructivism architecture.

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