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He went on to appear in the miniseries When Emilie De Ravin made her debut as Tess, her character was almost universally hated by fans.

A fourth alien-human hybrid that the audience didn’t initially know about, the character was used as a road block to the relationship between main characters Liz and Max.

Likewise, Delfino released a few albums herself, but her career has also gone through some changes.

She did a few small roles in movies before returning to television in sitcoms.

When Isabel and her friends go on the run in the series finale, Jesse is even left behind, with Isabel hoping that he gets to live a normal life without her.

It might have been set back minorly based on her pregnancy — this year, she welcomed a baby boy named Louis Augustus.

Nick Wechsler as Kyle Valenti Funny yet also athletic?!

Brown Phillip Evans If the audience thought Jeff Parker was a meddling parent, they were in for a treat, because he had nothing on Phillip Evans. Evans always seemed to want to keep some distance between his kids and Michael Guerin, despite them all being best friends immediately.

'Roswell, New Mexico' creator Carina Adly Mac Kenzie held an unsanctioned DIY panel for the series a half-hour away from San Diego.

Off screen, Majandra had the hots for her on-screen cousin Devon Gummersallbut sadly their marriage was short lived.

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