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The ghost of King Minos found Nico di Angelo in the Labyrinth and intended to manipulate the son of Hades into killing Daedalus in revenge for his unjust, however much deserved, death.

In order to gain Nico's trust, Minos leads him through the maze, saving him multiple times, and training him how to utilize his infernal demigod powers.

Nico looks to be about ten and seems to be very interested in Mythomagic, a card game about Greek mythology.

But when twelve-year-old Bianca accepts Artemis' proposal to become a Hunter, Nico gets angry at her for abandoning him.

Nico di Angelo was born around 1932 in Venice, Italy, before World War II (before Hades and his brothers took an oath to have no more demigod children). One of his neighbors, Pietro, had been a veteran of Mussolini's African campaign.

Nico later claims in The House of Hades, that this revelation would plague him with self-hatred and resentment for Percy.In The Blood of Olympus, Nico sees a brief flashback from this time - his sister Bianca, laughing as she pulled him across the National Mall.After some time had passed, Hades, hoping that one of his children might one day become the "child of the Eldest Gods" (referred to in the Great Prophecy), decided to place them in the Lotus Hotel and Casino, and tasked Alecto with the job.In The Titan's Curse, Bianca recalls that shortly after she and Nico had their memories wiped, they were returned to Washington D. and told by a lawyer (Alecto in disguise) that their parents were dead, and had left a bank trust for them.This "lawyer" would come by once in a while to check on both of them.

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It was later revealed that Nico had been obsessed with pirates even before he started collecting Mythomagic cards.

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