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In 2004, Roiz made his feature film debut in a supporting role in “The Day After Tomorrow” which was a huge hit grossing 4.3 million from a 5 million budget to become the 6th highest grossing film of 2004.Into the mid 2000s, Roiz’s acting credits would include Assault on Precinct 13 (2005), Land of the Dead (2005) and Man of the Year (2006).

In 2012, Sasha began dating Asha Leo but they broke up a year later in 2013.

He was told that his character in the show would be gay, and Roiz felt that it was a good opportunity to explore the dynamic of such a character in a science fiction setting.

Sasha then became a guest in the second season of the web series ‘Husbands”, before in 2011 when he was given another regular role in the series “Grimm”, which is a fantasy police procedural following a detective who discovers he is a “Grimm” – the latest in a line of guardians sworn to keep the balance between mythological creatures and humans.

However, the following year 2011 brought Sasha the role of Captain Renard in Grimm which would become his most popular role.

While on Grimm, Roiz displayed his versatility acting in films like Extracted (2012) and Pompeii (2014).

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