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The stem was stuck in the shank so he was unable to remove it and clean out the inside of the mortise and the airway in the shank and the stem.

“Once Alfred took over the company in 1946, these elements changed in fairly rapid succession.The stem damage, oxidation and calcification still remained. The oxidation and calcification were quite thick on top and bottom of the stem.I took photos of the pipe when it arrived in Vancouver and I brought it to my work table. There were still some chips of tar and some stain remaining on the rim of the pipe. I was able to remove the stem from the shank by carefully twisting it slowly.After each set of three pads I rubbed the stem down with Obsidian Oil.I gave the stem a final coat of the oil after using the last set of pads. (There was still a light oxidation around the stem at the shank junction but the buffing would take care of that.) I gave the bowl a light coat of olive oil and buffed it with a soft cloth.

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