Server 2016 ntp not updating

This above command will Set the Hardware Clock to the current System Time which will update from the local ntp server in our environment.

This mainly helps in global transactions and communications. Note: UDP port 123 should be open in order for the NTP traffic to reach you. But, on problem network C two h EX Po E`s work fine to the same ntp servers. Removed the NTP package from network C , SNTP also does not work. Network C can sync ntp via IPSEC tunnel to remote NTP, hmm, why? The very same settings on the very same network works just fine for two other devices, two h EX Po E`s. This tell me Network C only have an issue getting time via NTP udp 123 via gateway.1) Hardware clock – is the battery powered “Real Time Clock” (also known as the “RTC”, “CMOS clock”) which keeps track of time when the system is turned off but is not used when the system is running.2) System clock- (sometimes called the “kernel clock” or “software clock”) which is a software counter based on the timer interrupt.

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