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Raymundo Diaz bail is set at 0,000.00, said LAPD officials Saturday.” Media reports say an investigation began after videos surfaced that appeared to show Diaz assaulting an underage teen girl he was reported to have been dating.

Further details regarding the alleged assault were not provided.

We are better when we share the responsibility of making sure every member of our community is safe,” LAPD Chief Michel Moore tweeted.

“After a thorough investigation, LAPD Detectives from the elite Robbery-Homicide Division Special Assault Section arrested 33 yr old social media personality “Ray Diaz” for sexual assault in San Diego, CA, w/ the assistance of San Diego PD.

De Masi's case turned out to be Denny Almonte, a son of struggling immigrants from the Dominican Republic who was already troubled when he met Dr. Ralph Slovenko, the author of several textbooks on psychiatry and confidentiality, said therapists know that a lawsuit by a patient alleging violation of privacy would be less costly than a lawsuit by someone alleging wrongful death. De Masi ceased to be in psychoanalytic training -- because psychoanalysis and unrepentant pedophilia are incompatible. Ingram said that by mutual agreement, their sessions continued only as generalized therapy, and his goal was to challenge Dr. Ingram with a dubious study that children were not badly hurt by sex with adults and with historical anecdotes about sex between men and boys in ancient Greece. Ingram seemed to consider this progress.'' I was pleased to see that he gradually became interested in research into the area of adults loving children from an academic perspective, that is, he was beginning to explore the literature of pedophilia in order to bolster his arguments with me, and, in so doing, was engaged in a legitimate academic pursuit,'' Dr.

This lawsuit, too, could still be settled before its September trial date. '' He could have indicated to the faculty, without divulging any information, that he thought Mr. He could have said that some issues had emerged in therapy and Mr. He didn't do any of these things.'' But Dr.

Ingram said in his deposition that his therapeutic relationship with Dr.

One moment, Joseph De Masi was telling his psychiatrist, Douglas H. That disclosure illuminated more than a hidden facet of Dr. It also laid bare a possible motive behind his career path at New York Medical College, where he was a third-year resident, already armed with a license to practice medicine, and where Dr. Almonte during an investigation of other accusations of child molestation against Dr. Almonte and two boys unrelated to Danbury Hospital. Almonte's case was for risk of injury to a child, defined in Connecticut statutes as endangering a child's health or morals. De Masi was stripped of his medical license, served five years in prison and was released in 1992.

Ingram, that he had gone there to see the night sky in the Southern Hemisphere. Ingram was on the faculty.'' And as I am hearing this in this session,'' Dr. Almonte, who was 10, said he did not initially tell anyone about being fondled by Dr. His history since then seems to illustrate the deeply ingrained nature of pedophilia, which many experts describe as a sexual orientation. De Masi fought a return to prison for violating his probation, The Daily News received complaints from residents in Bayside, Queens, that Dr. De Masi's former lawyers, said he no longer knows where Dr. De Masi might leave the country again.'' He's the classic immovable pederast,'' Mr.

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