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Sacred Sex Game (available in standard and deluxe versions for 9 and 9, Sacred Sex is a great place to start."While [the game] does offer insights and suggestions for playtime, it also addresses communication and connection, which are two major areas that couples often find challenging," says clinical sexologist Janet Morrison, RN, Ph D.

No way — you paid a lot of money for your sheets, thank you very much.) That's why sex therapist Kimberly Jackson likes the Path to Pleasure (.16, available to buy on Amazon) which "helps build desire and arousal through non-penetrative activities such as kissing, licking, rubbing, and grinding..chocolate sauce or whipped cream required," she says.

"The best part is that players can start slow and work their way towards hot sex (just like the real thing)," Morse says.

This one’s definitely a bit more old-school and requires a fair amount of time if you play by the rules, but don’t worry — there are also short cuts if you’re looking for a “quickie.” Sex Dice (like this pair on Amazon for .98) are great because they're portable and you can use them anywhere.

Unlike older adult board games, it's also LGBT-inclusive and uses gender-neutral language, which is a huge plus.

Let's say you're interested in something beyond heating up foreplay, and you actually want to form a more intimate connection with your partner.

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“Role play is a great way to try out a different persona.

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