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Instead of catching Vanessa she hit the ice and he kind of prevented her from falling. is currently sitting in the middle of the pack but we certainly are in a huge position to pull up.

Marissa Castelli was also a member of…When 22 year old Megan Bozak was growing up in Illinois, she was better at sports than all the boys in her neighborhood, and a lot of guys didn’t like that.

Why exactly did the IOC decide that we really need a new team competition for figure skating in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games? I mean, sure I get the concept and all- it works for gymnastics in the summer games but here I fear it’ll be redundant.

Each team contains one male, one female, one pair team and a dance couple and they all skate exactly the same two numbers that we’ll see later on in the regular figure skating competition.

It was kind of amazing to watch her be brave enough to land a throw jump and everything that came after it. Also the Chinese and German teams above us will certainly drop when the next two disciplines skate.

Patrick Chan’s Girlfriend Tess Johnson is an accomplished fashion designer; her eponymous company specializes in “designer garments born from unique prints, couture techniques, and classic design”.

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Don’t get me wrong, his handful of medals from the last three Olympics certainly stand on their own and even if he’s not your favorite skater you do kind of have to stop and watch.

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