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Slovenia is a member of the European Union, United Nations and NATO.

The report goes on to determine what each nation finds sexiest in a partner with the results showing the following being the sexiest features: Not a single respondent ranked age, weight or hair colour as being important when it comes to determining how sexy someone is.

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A former communist country until the break up of Yugloslavia in 1991, there is a sense of liberation about Slovenia that makes it feel fresh; almost as though they turned a blank page and decided to forge their own path, separate from the other republics from which it was once connected.

Though they share a history with Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenians have a very unique culture that blends their rich past with modernity.

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The exportation of goods is a major contribution to the economic development of this country that has a well-educated workforce, mainly employed in services.

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