Smoking men and male dating sites

I would run home and beg my parents to quit, only to have my Mom yell at me for “making her feel bad.”Car trips were miserable. In order to breathe clean air, my siblings and I would pull our shirts over our mouths and noses for the duration of the car trip.My Mom would see this in the rear view mirror and yell at us for “making her feel bad.” Whatever trip we were on would then be ruined.

Here are some common dealbreakers for my clients: Makes 0K — 5% Over 6 feet tall — 14% Has a bachelors degree — 32% Has advanced degree — 11% Is Jewish — 1.7% Doesn’t watch porn regularly — 33%And so on, and so forth. Only about 20% of men smoke, leaving you 80% to choose from.

I’ve been ready for marriage for over a decade and over the past 5 years, I have been reading self-help dating books and blogs such as yours, actively making changes to better myself and attract better quality men. I’m sympathetic to your dilemma, as I’m sure most non-smokers are as well.

After doing all that, I finally found the man of my dreams who wants everything I want – except he’s a smoker. But as I’ve said hundreds of times before, whatever you call a dealbreaker is a dealbreaker.

Here’s why smoking is one of only two deal breakers that I have with regard to relationships: Both of my parents smoked.

My Dad smoked one cigarette about once every four hours.

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