Southern dating culture

Most of these women are broke, or have poor savings, loads of debt from college.

Most decent good men will date them, but these women wont accept their terms, until when its time to really settle down.

She still chases after the top guy, but the top guys are limited in number.

The top guys don't mind having sex with a woman who chases after them even though that top guy has a girlfriend or wife, and some of these women even know that they are the 2nd woman in the relationship, and don't mind it. These women will have a hard time finding a husband.

No Yankee men have names like Joey, Will, and Bill.

Southern mothers debate names for children starting at around 12.

Most women in NYC can find a man for sex, but they cant find a man to put a ring on it. Most women in NYC are either childless career academia types, and single mom local hood types.

The single mom local hood types always gets a man, but she chases the bad boy type of men or even players.

It will change your life and more men will notice you! A woman can go west of the Mississippi (think Denver, San Diego, parts of TX etc) and find lots of quality men that WANT to get married while also finding men just for sex.The west sucks for men unless they're tall and white.I have more respect for women who are not willing to settle down past 35 and still seek ot find something that they want.No point settling down with someone who is not as professional or educationally esteemed as the woman in the relationship.

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  1. It is an insult to ladies from the Eurasian country for you to hint on getting intimate on a first date; so when you finally meet her in person after dating online for a while, make sure to avoid sexual topics, so you ‘don’t scare her away.

  2. One of them, a woman under 30, with a trailer, even promised to wait. It seems to me that not for nothing a couple of years ago, the “Chicken” groups began to close in large quantities, where conscientious guys laid out hypocritical whores — I will describe a typical type a bit later.