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1895 Guglielmo Marconi succeeds in signaling a distance of about 1.2 miles. 1938 Ailen invasion panic is spread by radio when Orson Wells broadcasts "War of the Worlds" 1941 Over eight million radios manufactured. 1942 Manufacture of home radio sets halted due to the war. 1957 Space Race starts when Russian satellite "Sputnik" sends radio "beep" back to earth. 1898Marconi installs first commercial radio service off coast of Ireland. Antique is a web directory for finding information on collecting and history of vacuum tube radios, crystal radios, and vintage transistor radios. Scott Radios Sonora Sonora Radios Sparton Sparton Zenith Old Radio Zone Marconi Collection Online Catalog Museum of History of Science, Oxford New York's Broadcasting History History of Communication Through Morse Code National Radio Hall of Fame & Museum Patent Dates and Patent Search Radio Antique Wireless Association - AWA Australian Vintage Radio Society - AVRS Historical Radio Society of Australia Canadian Vintage Radio Society - CVRS Radio Amateurs of Canada - RAC Radio Club Of America New Zealand Vintage Radio Society Norwegian Historical Radio Society Tube Collectors Association - TCA Vintage Radio and Phonograph Society Alabama Historical Radio Society Antique Radio Club of Illinois Arizona Antique Radio Club California Historical Radio Society - CHRS Southern California Antique Radio Society - SCARS Delaware Valley Historic Radio Club - DVHRC Florida Antique Wireless Group Heartland Antique Radio Association - HLARA Houston Vintage Radio Association - HVRA Indiana Historical Radio Society Jacksonville Antique Radio Society Michigan Antique Radio Club - MARC Mid-Atlantic Antique Radio Club Music City Vintage Radio Club Nashville TN New England Antique Radio Club - NEARC New Jersey Antique Radio Club Northland Antique Radio Club Minnesota Oklahoma Vintage Radio Collectors - OKVRC Ottawa Vintage Radio Club - OVRC Pittsburgh Antique Radio Society Puget Sound Antique Radio Association Schenectady NY Antique Radio Club Southeastern Antique Radio Society Tube Collectors Association (TCA) Vintage and Military Amateur Radio Society - V. 1915 Voice is first broadcast across the Atlantic ocean. Free sample downloads and very reasonably priced CDs available. Playing Edison Cylinder records & Diamond Discs from the 1890's to the 1920's.I like how the church seems to becoming more mainstream Christian.I like that we are less the “peculiar” people and more normal.

1904 John Ambrose Fleming invents the first tube called The "Fleming Valve". 1926 The first AC (non battery) powered sets are marketed. Tube Radio Guides Crystal Radio Guides Transistor Radio Guides Boatanchors, Ham/SW Antennas History & Museums Radios For Sale/Wanted Radio Classifieds/Auctions Radio Forums/Message Boards Test Equipment Tube Tester Repair Services Tutorials/Training/Resources Antique Radio Clubs/Associations Radio Collector's Web Sites Manuals & Schematics Antique Radio Parts Vacuum Tubes Antique Radio Repair & Restoration Radio Workbenches Old Time Radio Shows AM Broadcast Transmitters Phonographs & Victrolas Annual Fests & Conventions Other Vintage Technology Suggest A Link Air Chief (Firestone) Air Chief Radios by Firestone Atwater Kent Atwater Kent Radios Atwater Kent Atwater Kent Information Bendix Radio The Bendix Radio Foundation Colby Colby Radio Research Laboratory, Elbridge NY Crosley Jim's Antique Crosley Radio Page Curtis Mathes Glenn Waters's Vintage Curtis Mathes site Detrola Dennis and Bonnie Smith's Detrola Site Midwest Mike Simpson's Midwest Radios Philco The Philco Repair Bench Philco Philco Radiola - RCA Radiola E.

The final episodes were written, and the saga of Finn and Jake in the magical, post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo came to a close as the cast and crew scattered to new projects.

The fruits of their labor will gradually unfurl on Cartoon Network until 2018 — although the timing remains uncertain.

I don’t know if this is a real doctrinal shift, but it’s definitely a cultural one. Birth Control When I got married in 1990, my father was very upset to learn I was using birth control.

But by then, it was up to me and my husband in consultation with God to decide when we wanted to have children. Budget When we moved to Utah in my teen years, we ended up in a very wealthy ward.

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We’re trying to be a little less weird and be accepted by other Christians, but I don’t know if teens today hear about this at all unless they listen to anti-Mormons. Witchcraft fears Maybe it was just my mother, but I spent a lot of my childhood hearing about how there are Satanists out there, ready to grab you and any book or movie was to be suspect if it had stories about magic. My point here isn’t that the church is just fine as it is.

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