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It’s just to show what we think could be good for a business like ours, feel free to take ideas from it and adjust it to your business.I think it helps if you describe in details how you are bringing value to your list also proper sentences and grammar won’t hurt. Chatbot Tutorial is engaged in helping businesses become more flourishing with Messenger marketing.We will use a chatbot to reach adolescents and new mothers where many of them already are, on their phones, to promote mental and physical health.This can provide a fun way for them to get information that will improve their lives, set and meet their own health-related goals, and gain or improve their well-being, skills, and tools to give their children a better start in life.The chatbot will provide participants with an opportunity to verbalize and express potentially difficult emotions or embarrassing questions without stigma and receive supportive responses.The chatbot is able to share information in response to questions, and provide gentle health prompts.

From now on you can ‘push’ certain blocks directly from Slack while chatting with your customers.

The chatbot will also serve as a triage tool, to immediately prompt the user to contact pre-identified, local mental health professionals based on the recognition of key risk factors.

The chatbot will periodicially check in on the user and solicit her input.

If you read this in 2019, this is a necessity to be able to reach your audience for free on scale. Go to your business page’s settings then access Messenger Platform from the left side of the webpage. I believe you would need editor access to the page at least, only tried as an admin, so not sure.

As a next step scroll down the page until you reach Advanced Messaging Features and request Subscription Messaging, as shown below: Once clicking on ‘request’ a pop up will ask you what types of messages you’d like to send and offers three places to fill to explain it and give examples.

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