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(2) The holder of a trapping licence may hunt or trap on land owned by him or her or on land on which he or she has permission to trap, if the land is within or adjacent to the registered trapline area designated in his or her licence.

(1) The person assigned a registered trapline area is the head trapper and has all the rights and obligations associated with trapping in that area.

(4) Clause (2) (b) does not apply if the applicant, (a) has held a trapping licence issued under this Regulation or a predecessor to it within the five-year period immediately preceding the application and provides evidence of that fact; and (b) files the season-end harvest report described under section 13 for the last year trapped (if such a report was required) or provides evidence of having filed the report.

(5) Despite subsection 64 (1) of the Act, a trapping licence may be issued to an applicant who is at least 12 years of age and under 16 years of age if the applicant, (a) has successfully completed the fur harvest, fur management and conservation course described under section 16 within the five-year period preceding the application and produces a certificate to that effect; and (b) files with the application a consent signed by a parent with whom the applicant resides or if the applicant does not reside with a parent, by a guardian.

A Nishnawbe Aski First Nation Fur Harvesters licence to sell pelts and carcasses, a Trapper’s Authority issued by Grand Council Treaty #3 Trapping Resource Centre and a Trapper’s Authority issued by the Union of Ontario Indians shall be deemed to be trapping licences.

A trapping licence is valid for the period specified in the licence.

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