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“And beyond that, my mother, God bless her, she tried but she’s got her own issues to work with. There’s consequences to that, and my mom suffered them.

“Listen I’m 35 now, I can look back on my writing and I can say this.After his third book comes out in a few weeks, there will be no more like it coming from him. There are many people who are envious of what I do, and they’re like, ‘you can’t do this forever’ blah-blah-blah. ’ I mean, that’s like going up to Dirk Nowitzki and saying ‘Well, you’re not going to win NBA titles forever, so. It should be abundantly clear from what follows that I’m not a fan of Tucker Max’s writing, nor of his behavior in his twenties. I felt Tucker had an interesting story to tell here, and I wanted to help tell it (no, it's not another drinking story.) I also have my own personal interest in this story, having to do with how I spent my own twenties. (To get a true feeling for how Tucker Max talks in the following profile, mix-and-match the words “like,” “dude,” “man,” “you know,” “shit” and “f***”, at least two or three per sentence.I edited most of that out, because keeping those words in would have increased the length of the interview text by 50%.) Next: Tucker Max’s Relationship With His Parents Tolstoy wrote that “every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way,“ yet Tucker Max seems to have grown up in a very “typical” sort of family unhappiness: divorce, fighting, yelling and screaming among parental figures, moving around a lot as a kid, which prevented lasting childhood friendships, absent father, stressed out, single working mother, cool, distant relationship with both parents, alcoholism running through generations of the family.“I realized, I wasn’t as happy as I thought I would be.When I started writing in 2002, I thought, ‘Man, if I can just turn this into a career, then I’ll be happy.’  I didn’t just turn it into a career, I was a star.

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My mom was a flight attendant for Pan Am so I moved all over the world. I didn’t go to the same school for more that one year in a row until fourth grade.

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