Two can play that game dating rules

Romantic relationships and friendships aren’t all about winning or persuading the other person.

Embrace the opportunities to right your wrongs and apologize.

Short Version: Have each group choose two truths and one lie about the members of their group to share with the class.

Then have them take turns telling two things that are true about themselves and one that is a lie (but sounds as if it might possibly be true). Allow your groups five to six minutes to complete the first round.

Make sure they understand by demonstrating yourself presenting two truths and a lie to the group.

A good choice might be: Allow the group to guess which statement is a lie.

No special equipment is required, although if you are keeping score, you may want a pencil and in a circle. You will want to begin by having the players introduce themselves.

Step #2Explain the game to make sure everyone understands how to play.

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